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Home of kACARS PIREP Reporting System

All of these options can be purchased with a new kACARSII system or can be added at a later time.  A few are not available with certain templates.  Some prices might increase if a custom template has been used and the template needs to change to accomodate the new option.  If you have any questions regarding these options or would like a custom option please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Real World METAR Data - Included v1.0.1+

This option will search for the current realworld METAR for the departing and arriving airports.  This information (if found) can then be displayed to the user.  It will also be logged to the flight log.  (Can be toggled ON/OFF by a site setting)


Airport Charts - Included v1.0.1+

This option will attempt to retrieve a one page airport chart image for the departing and arriving airports.  The system will first search the users chart folder, if the chart is not found locally it will then search the VA's chart folder, if the image is not found on the VA site it will then attempt a pull of the chart image from an external site. (this site is limited to US airports).  If the chart has been found it will display this image to the user.  (Can be toggled ON/OFF by a site setting)


Engine Requirement - Included v1.0.1+

With this active kACARSII will not allow a user to start/stop recording of a flight unless the engines are shut down.  If the engines are running the user will receive a message that the engines must be shut down prior to starting or stopping.  (Can be toggled ON/OFF by a site setting)


AFK Check - $10.00

The AFK (Away from Keyboard) Check allows the VA to maintain some control over pilots who set the autopilot and walk away from the computer.  Once the aircraft reaches a specific altitude (determined by a site controlled setting), kACARSII will select a random number of minutes for the first check point.  Once this point is reached, a message box is displayed for the user to confirm.  The user must click the "OK" button on the message display to acknowledge that he/she is at the keyboard.  The number minutes that the message box is active without the acknowledgement is counted.  The total number of minutes AFK and the number of AFK attempts is then logged into the flight log and transmitted with all other PIREP data. 


Position Reports - Included v1.0.1+

Position Reporting will track the exact path that the user flew during the flight.  This data is transmitted with all other PIREP data upon PIREP submission.  Once logged by the VA the position reports can be viewed on the route map attached to the PIREP report.  The option includes a standard template for phpVMS to display this data using the standard phpVMS icons.  More data is also now included with each report Fuel on Board and Timestamps. (Can be toggled ON/OFF by a site setting)


Site Message - Included v1.0.1+

This allows the VA to send a message to all kACARSII users.  The message will auto-update every 10 minutes.  It also pulls the newest message from the site upon logging in.  The message is part of the new site controlled settings.  This setting is located in the admin side of a phpVMS installation.


Schedule Search - $15.00

Users can search through the VA's schedule based on departure airport, arrival airport and/ or aircraft.  The user can also bid on a selected schedule from inside of kACARSII.  This bid is logged to the main VA's website. Use with the Pilot Bid Manager to create a complete schedule tool.


Pilot Bid Manager - $15.00

The Pilot Bid Manager will allow a user to view all of the bids attached to his/her profile.  The user can delete a bid from inside of the kACARSII application.  Or the user can select any of his/her bids and fly that bid.  Used in conjunction with the Schedule Search option makes a complete bid/schedule manager.  Allowing a user to search bids and fly any schedule in the VA database.


VA News - $15.00

Users are kept informed with the News option.  All news articles are transmitted to the kACARSII application.  The user can view any news article written through the website. 


Flight Diversion - Included v1.0.1+

Allow users to divert the flight.  There is a site controlled setting for this option.  The VA can control if the user can divert to only airports in the VA database.  Or allow the user to divert to any airport (user will need to enter an airport ICAO code).  All information is logged and sent with all other PIREP data upojn PIREP submission. (Can be toggled ON/OFF by a site setting)


Information Panel - $15.00

The informational panel will provide realtime data for the current flight.  This panel comes in two versions, horizontal & vertical (both are included with this option).  Each panel can be set to remain on the top of the desktop so it can be always viewed while flying. 


Aircraft Data Tab - $15.00 (Standard or Custom Template ONLY)

A tab completed devoted to display data to the user.  Fuel data, Light data, etc.... 


Flight Mapping Tab - $15.00

A tab with a google map that will show aircraft position.  It can track the flight and also add the route (if parsed correctly by phpVMS).  A few options allow the user to control how the map is displayed.


Pilot Logbook - $15.00

The Pilot Logbook will display all of the PIREPs that a user has filed with the VA.  These will include PIREPs from other reporting system and even manual PIREPs.  Each PIREP can be selected and a detailed view will be displayed. 


Aircraft Position Check - $10.00

This will check the position of the aircraft in relation to the Departure Airport before the start of recording and the position of the aircraft before the stopping of recording.  If the aircrafts position is greater than X miles away from the airport a message will be shown to the pilot.  Depending upon settings the pilot can ignore the message or the program can be set to not allow the pilot to continue until the position is repaired.  The option also logs the starting and stopping distance.  This option will be ignored when operating a charter flight.  There is a site controlled setting that will allow the VA to let the user ignore the warning and still start/stop the flight.  The distance from the start position to the airport corrdinates is always logged.  (NOTE: Airport coordinates in the phpVMS database need to be accurate.)


Flight Progress Bar - Included v1.0.1+

This feature will display a progress bar showing the status of the current flight. (Only works with scheduled flights.  Does not work with charter flights.)  Two new colors are needed to customize the progress bar.  Progress bar background and foreground. (Hex Code) (Can be toggled ON/OFF by a site setting)


Pilot PM System - $15.00

The PM system allows users to send each other private messages while logged into kACARSII.  Or a user can send a message to another user even while the user is not logged in.  When that user does login, he/she will be able to retrieve the message.  There is an automated timer that will check the site for new messages every 10 minutes.  Or the user can manually check for new messages.


Screenshot Generator - $15.00

Capture a screenshots of FS and send them to the VA site.  This image can then be used on the website to display the current view of the user.  Image will be named the pilot code of the logged in user and will be a jpg format image.  FS MUST be running on the same computer as kACARSII for the screen shot to be captured.  The user will select the current version of FS that he/she is running.  He/She can also select the screen shot interval in full minutes from a minimum of five minutes.  FS must be the active window when interval timer times out.  There are setting in the site controlled options including FTP information and also if the image should have a timestamp as part of the name,  The timestamp addition allows multiple screenshots to be captured and retained by the VA.


Flight Retention - $15.00

Allow the users to save a flight.  It comes with a manual save function and also an autosave function.  This function will also attempt to force FS to create a save file.  This function can then attempt to force FS to load the same FS saved file when resuming a saved flight.  The auto save function interval can be adjusted.  The entire function can also be turned off.


In Flight Sounds - $15.00

Users can add sound files to be played at key intervals auring a flight.  From Copilot sounds to Attendant sounds.  Users can speficify each sound that is to be played and can even mute certain areas if the user does not want these sounds played.  All sounds need to be in WAV format.


Scoring System - $20.00

The VA can implement a complete scoring system.  All aspects of the scoring system are controlled from the website settings.  An easy to use interface is available from the admin side of phpVMS.  These settings allow how the VA would like the scoring system to work.  What items to check and score.  All triggers are logged and final score is logged.  The final score is also sent as a XML child to allow easier access to the actual score.